Santorum’s Snob Comment

Recently GOP presidential candidate and human sweater-vest, Rick Santorum said that President Obama was a snob for wanting everyone to go to college.  Specifically, he remarked that “President Obama said he wants everyone in America to go to college.  What a snob.”  Many have already pointed out that the President never actually said that, but instead advocated that people commit to some form of training, be it higher education, vocational, or simply adult education classes.  That’s fine for the debate and exposing campaign rhetoric, but what if Obama had said it?

I agree with Santorum’s implicit argument, that not everyone should go to college, in fact far there should be far fewer than already do, but is wanting everyone to go to college really a snobbish thing to say?  I’m reminded of the scene in Caddyshack, where poor caddy Danny is trying to go to law school and have an education.  When he laments that he can’t afford school to the film’s antagonist, an elitist judge with high influence at the golf club, the judge simply responds, “Well, the world needs ditch diggers too.”


So what’s more snobbish, wanting everyone to go to college or simply saying too bad to those who can’t?


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