The Most Amazing Thing of the Day (Possibly Year)

Now I truly feel sad for Breitbart.  A death too young? Yes.  An untimely death?  Most definitely, he has missed one of the greatest Fox News interviews by a day.  The story comes from Mediaite and God Bless them for finding this.  Jon Bershad does an excellent job at rationalizing the video but still comes up short.

The video doesn’t need much context, this would be crazy even in a foreign language.

Bershad offers 3 possible explanations, none of which I am entirely comfortable.


There are a few possible explanations.

  1. That the boy has a earphone in and his dad is telling what to say and, for some reason, thinks he’s a much better ventriloquist than he actually is.
  2. That Hudson’s responses were all scripted and Hinckley can’t help but mouth his brilliant dialogue.
  3. Hudson is actually some kind of AI-style android that is being controlled by its “father.”

Ok, so do any of these add up?

1. The boy is obviously not repeating what the father is saying, it’s way too well sychronized, this is definitely not it.

2. If the responses were scripted it was the worst script ever.

3. Actually more believable than the first two.

Here’s my best guess:

There is a monitor in front of them that they can see.  You can see the kid making faces and looking straight ahead like he’s watching himself on TV.  When it came time to answer the kid would speak and his father would watch in the monitor.  Now for some reason Hinckley has some sort of tic where he involuntarily mouths his son’s words.  As I’m writing this I’m realizing how crazy it’s sounding so maybe best to stop.  I give up, he’s probably just an android.


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