Why Ron Paul Will Never Be VP

Over the past months there’s been some speculation about the eventual GOP nominee choosing Ron Paul (or Rand Paul) as their VP pick.  Paul has the fervent support that is lacking in all the other candidates and grabbing him as a running mate could help capture that energy in the party.

But there is one simple reason why this will never happen and it has nothing to do with public opinion.

The problem comes from Article II of the US Constitution, which says that the VP becomes President upon the President’s removal from office, but you already knew that.  You also know that one way a President can be removed from office is by death.  So now you have Paul, the VP, with a highly loyal, highly enthusiastic, and often highly paranoid group of followers that know that Paul will be president if the current president dies, one whom they most likely despise anyway.  All it takes is one, Paul’s most radical and confident supporters know this and the GOP nominee also knows this.  No nominee is going to issue their own death warrant by choosing Paul as VP.  Nominees instead choose someone with no following, someone bland, someone unlikely to get them killed.

It would be like Obama choosing a Klansmen as his VP.  He didn’t, he chose Joe Biden, the enthralling figure of Joe Biden.  The same thing happened when Cheney chose Bush to be his President.


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