4 Shallow Reasons for the Paul Ryan VP Pick

It’s 1 am on Saturday morning and house parties are currently being ruined by political junkies turning on the news and bumming everyone out.  Mitt Romney has apparently, if it’s to be believed, chosen Paul Ryan as his VP pick.  A not completely surprising decision, nowhere near McCain’s hail Mary of 2008, Ryan ensures that the campaign will have the appearance of being centered on the economy and small government.  Furthermore, we know that most people feel it’s their duty to vote, but not their duty to know one damn thing about the candidates.  For 90% of voters it’s about having a beer with a candidate or how they feel about him, often based on fractured bits of info filtered to them through the news and gossip.  So outside of Ryan’s values and policies, here are 4 other reasons why Ryan may be a good pick.

4. The Youth

Everyone knows the GOP has a problem appealing to young voters, all the polls show it and Fox News pundits are always asking why, often inviting children on to espouse their free market views.  Well Ryan is young, 42, and if he is elected and has to fulfill his real only duty as VP (taking over if something happens to the Prez), he could become the second youngest President ever.  He has a fresher youthful charm rather than the usual old-man GOP staleness.  Ryan distracts from Obama’s youthful appeal, even more now that Obama has the Presidential grey going on.  For many youth this may be the determining issue because they just want someone closest to their age.

3. The Women

Just like men who vote based on beer buddies, women undeniably vote based on looks (men do too to an extent if you remember Palin).  Ryan has rated amongst the top of the rigorously scientific study of hottest members of congress and sometimes, looks are all you need.  Obama defeated McCain, Bush defeated Gore and Kerry, Clinton defeated Dole and Bush Sr.  There’s an obvious relation there.

2. The Clinton Video

Dems have the one big complaint against Ryan in the gutting Medicare argument.  However, Clinton, who is now looking like an awesome President, was on camera praising Ryan’s budget cuts as something that just realistically had to be done.  Their biggest argument against Ryan can be made into a pretty nice ad for the Romney campaign, one that is quite embarrassing to the Dems and makes them look like children next to father Clinton.

1. Ron Paul

Ron Paul supporters are still sort of up in the air on who to vote for.  They can go for Gary Johnston and the libertarians, but everyone remembers Perot and Nader.  Moreover, a lot of people just say they are Ron Paul supporters bc his name is seen as standing for individual independence and that just attracts more wild and free spirits.  Unfortunately they’re still typical voters and don’t pay too much attention.  Some of these people may simply see Paul Ryan and think Ron Paul, after all they are pretty close.  And don’t say people don’t make mistakes like that in the voting booth lest anyone utter the name of Alvin Greene again.


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