Fox News, Racism, and the Internet – A Glimpse at Fox Nation

This political season has brought cries of racism from the left and cries of race-baiting from the right.  In other words, politics as usual.  There’s no denying that the GOP strategy of the past 50 years has been predicated on exploiting racial tensions in what became known as the Southern Strategy, or that the Democrats have buttressed their minority support by constantly reminding people of the Republican strategy.  But now in the days of increasingly partisan cable news racial pandering is beginning to saturate the media.  Take Fox News, the mainstream right-wing news channel, who despite their claims that they are not the MSM (mainstream media), regularly get higher ratings than their competitors.  Fox has constantly and consistently fought charges of racism, both those lobbed at the channel directly, as well as those lobbed at the GOP and the Tea Party in particular.  One of the main debates over the past 3 years is whether the criticism of Obama is rooted in racism or not, and with the advent of Fox Nation, Fox News’s internet forum, we can finally get a better answer.

I was a frequenter and commentator on the Fox News website during the Bush years.  During this time any article Fox posted to its website would have a comment section and for the most part it was filled with brainless Bushites toting the party line at the time, liberal trolls bent on either enlightening or enraging the Bushites, and 9/11 truthers bent on pissing off everyone.  In these days you would get the occasional hateful comment, but it would be flagged and fairly quickly removed.  When Obama got elected, Fox changed their website completely, eventually you could no longer comment on the main news articles directly and had to go to the Fox Nation section.  Fox Nation had become Fox News on steroids, with hyper-partisan editorials, misleading headlines, and a slew of racially suggestive attacks on groups of Americans.  Fox News had essentially segregated the increasingly hateful comments on their main news stories into this new venture.  The relationship echoed that of the Tea Party and the GOP, which also had just taken root at the same time (spring 2009), and Fox Nation became the Tea Party wing of Fox News.

The problem now is that while the Fox Nation bills itself as a place for free speech and tolerance of views of all Americans, it has become a much darker place.  The website has already been heavily criticized by liberal outlets and received special scrutiny for one article called “Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ Didn’t Create Jobs.”  Furthermore, media watchdog sites like and have occasionally referenced Fox Nation as a place for vile and bigoted comments.  Other sites have also taken note and given examples of the insanely racist comments on the site, forcing Fox moderators to step in and close comment sections.  Unfortunately, it has now been 3 1/2 years without any improvement; I rarely go to Fox Nation anymore but am still shocked by what passes for tolerant speech there.  I have compiled 23 comments below from one single article about Samuel Jackson.  There were around 300 comments total and I did not include more than one comment from each poster.  I also only chose the most vile racist comments on there, leaving the more coded ones out, and I eventually had to give up counting every comment that called Mr. Jackson “Sambo” or some form of it.  That being said, in my estimation about 25-30% of the comments were implicitly racist.  Also keep in mind that this is not a white nationalist website, or a site strictly promoting racist viewpoints, this, as I stated before is a forum for the most-watched news organization in the country.


gemini7  2 hours ago

The blks couldn’t survive without the “white” money to support them and their many children.  They straighten their hair and bleach it blonde or red?  What’s that all about.  Do they really want to be white.  Most of them marry other nationalities anyway.


enuffnow  1 hour ago

African first, American second, nothing unusual about that.


4nik8liberals  1 hour ago

Comrade ObaMao is a half-rikan, un-Amerikan.  Sambo Jackson is merely an afrikan, un-American.

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houdanchick  1 hour ago

JEEZ another ignorant blak America hater.  Shame on him and his irrelevant buddies.  I just hope that they pack up and leave so the rest of us can get back to trying to re build the country that is still, in spite of the Obama assault, the light and hope of our world.

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AmericanMillennium36 minutes ago

What a dumb African American.

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marxistmayhem  22 minutes ago

B lacks like to call us “whitey” or “crackers” and they get away with it. However, I think there are b lacks, Africa-Americans, then there are n iggers. Jackson is the epitome of a n igger

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lcwrp  1 minute ago

if the bllacks hate it here in America then why dont they go back to Africca? btw, why dont the bllacks  ever talk about how they treat each other in Africca? its the worst ever in any country…


vladscam762  2 hours ago

Well, Samuel. Intelligent people evacuate when a killer storm is on its way unlike the welfare thugs during Katrina who sat around waiting for the government to help them.

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thelastprophet  2 hours ago in reply to nkk68

The vast majority of Blakks shall burn in Helll.


Howie444  3 hours ago

Hey Sammie …. I will never watch anything of yours again because of your skin color. So GFY !!!

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temple62  3 hours ago

Bla ck Gecko Slime from the bowels of the DNC!

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m1a1a2  3 hours ago

Die Sammy boy die. You worthless load of animal excrement. I’ll bet there is a tree, a horse and a rope waiting for you somewhere you ignorant simian fool.

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mnrobert  3 hours ago

looks like a blackpanther to me. how sweet of him to apologize it really sounded like it was from his heart.
f’n racist loser

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mr_daa  3 hours agoin reply to mnrobert

Know the enemy and remember them forever.

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al1949  3 hours ago

Just another racist_nigger_wanting the _black_POTUS to stay in power…………………Porch_monkey!

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Guest  3 hours ago

F.  Y.  N.

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I’m pretty sure he’s not talking about the Danish island.  F.Y. is internet speak for “Fuck You.”  You can guess the N part.


medaniel  3 hours ago

Sorry Sam…bobo. But Issac may well flush the rest of the roaches out of New Orleans. Don’t know about God but ” mother nature ” can sure play a major role in cleaning up that mess.

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dsdoc  3 hours ago

Hey Sam!!..Guess where the Hurricane is going?  That’s right, your chocolate city…..uh oh!

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bucketwalrus  4 hours ago

someone needs to put a bullet in this racist niqqers head.

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camellia1  4 hours ago

I must say, he is one hate-filled, racist N. (nutcase) for you liberals.

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johndeagun  4 hours ago

Boy he’s an Angry Blaque Woman

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nomomoney4u  4 hours ago

LIFECOMEDY is one of ‘dose brothas who ain’t SMART ENOUGH TO GET AN ID TO VOTE

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bouledoux  4 hours ago

No Samuel,  God had bigger plans in mind –  He’s planning on sending Issac into New Orleans to finish the flushing down the toilet of all the rest of the raggins Katrina missed a few years back.  I hope you’ll be there as well.

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I wonder what raggin spelled backwards is? Very clever people on this site.


uncleray33  46 minutes ago

Sam deserves to be called the N word due to that statement…and my statement is NOT racist

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I think there’s a couple things to take away from this.  First, it’s clear that Fox Nation has made some effort to weed out the racist comments as people have to find “creative” ways to use the n-word or even type “black.”  However, this amount of effort is nothing more than an empty gesture.  Comments are routinely flagged and removed on the site, but only if the person was espousing a liberal agenda.  Flagging has become simply a way to silence dissent on Fox Nation while truly vile comments remain unmolested.  Which brings up a second point, all the comments above were not only not flagged, but not one other poster dared to express concern over the rhetoric, which might be an even more frightening sign of a breakdown of civil discourse.

So what do these examples say?  It shows that Fox and the Tea Party, while vehemently denying charges of racism, have not only set up a forum for racists, but even refuse to self-police blatant racism in their midst.  Furthermore, by painting the left and particularly blacks, as racists they have provided fertile ground for racial attacks on Fox Nation, many of which would make people at Stormfront blush.  Except that Stormfront and other white supremicist websites are marginalized groups that nobody takes seriously.  The more that Fox and the right deny racism and try to put the blame on Democrats, the more they fuel the fire.  Three and a half years after its launch and Fox Nation is still a bastion for open and blatant racism, and this simple fact only need to alluded to whenever somebody claims that the Tea Party is not racist, because even if their platform isn’t, their supporters certainly are.

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